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Sharing Hamper For 2


Introducing our delightful "Sharing Hamper For 2", a perfect gift for those seeking a taste of the region without breaking the bank. Priced at just £27.50, this hamper is a delightful ensemble of locally sourced treats that's sure to please the palate of you and your loved one.

Our hamper includes a delectable assortment of locally sourced non-alcoholic delicacies. These handpicked treasures showcase the culinary expertise of our region, giving you a genuine taste of its unique flavours and traditions. While the specific items may vary, you can expect:

What's Inside:

  1. New Forest Pyramid Tea Bags: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of tea with our New Forest Pyramid Tea Bags. Choose from a range of exquisite flavors, including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and soothing chamomile. Each tea bag is crafted to perfection for a delightful steeping experience.

  2. Jar of Mixed Nuts: Savour the perfect blend of crunch and flavour with our jar of mixed nuts. A medley of premium nuts that will tantalize your taste buds with every bite.

  3. Hill Farm Juice: Enjoy a bottle of Hill Farm Juice, lovingly squished in the heart of Hampshire. This pure and refreshing juice is a testament to the region's abundant orchards and commitment to quality.

  4. Pack of Cookies: Treat yourself to a pack of delicious cookies, a sweet and satisfying accompaniment to your tea. These cookies are a delightful blend of indulgence and comfort, perfect for those cozy moments.

  5. Slab of Fruit Cake: Our fruit cake is a celebration of traditional recipes, moist, and rich, filled with the flavours of the season.

  6. Jar of Marmalade: Indulge in the zesty tang of our marmalade. It's a perfect blend of sweet and citrus, carefully prepared to complement your morning toast or tea time treats.

Why Choose Our Hamper:

  • Affordable Luxury: Our Sharing Hamper For 2 offers a touch of affordable luxury at just £27.50 including tray and wrapping (as well as a custom handwritten note if desired), making it an exceptional value for a gift of local delicacies.

  • Local Flavours: This hamper is your ticket to a flavourful journey through Hampshire, celebrating the finest delicacies sourced from the region's own soil.

  • Perfect for Two: Whether you're sharing a relaxing tea time with a dear friend, creating a romantic moment with your partner, or enjoying a well-deserved treat for yourself, this hamper is tailor-made for intimate gatherings.

  • Customisable Selection: Tailor your experience by suggesting your flavour preferences for some of our items ie. the tea or the cookies. Make it uniquely yours!

Order today, collect tomorrow!