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Quiche Of The Day with 3 Salads

Quiche Style

Please note: As this is a new service, kindly wait for a confirmation email from our kitchen or staff before coming to collect your order. Thank you for your patience as we develop our systems.

Introducing our homemade quiche boxed alongside three freshly prepared salads of the day, offering a complete and satisfying meal ready to be enjoyed at your convenience.

Each quiche bursts with flavour and is made with care. From the comforting combination of cheese & broccoli to the savoury richness of red onion and goat cheese, or the classic appeal of quiche Lorraine and the refreshing taste of ham & tomato, our quiches are a celebration of deliciousness.

Accompanying our savoury quiche are three vibrant salads, showcasing the finest seasonal ingredients and bursting with freshness. Together, they create a balanced and wholesome meal that's both satisfying and nutritious.